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We’ve heard them all . . . at least until we hear your latest.  It never ceases to amaze us the stories you come up with.

It’s a simple task we ask of you.  And you’d think you would appreciate it because it’s for your own good.  You’d think you’d try your best, even if only for the pleasure of denying your dentist that new boat or car he wanted, but NO!

All we ask is that you FLOSS all your teeth every day.  Simple.  Even almost every day would probably fool us.

It’s come down to this . . . you know we want to help in any way we can, except maybe wake you up and floss for you  ( we might consider it, if you’re going on vacation and would pay our way ).  DrBud has gone one step further . . .  the iFlossed system. 

( iFlossed©  was meant to consist of a website, an “Excuses Blog,”  plus a “Benefits of Flossing Blog.”  We had planned to have a section on “Dental Flossify,” and iFlossed©  APPs, but you can add your own.  Use your imagination and be creative! iBrushed©  .net and .org are available, too!)


Excuses, Excuses

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Yes, you, too, can floss and brush . . . even after a week in the Grand Canyon.  And everyone else will really appreciate your efforts, too.